Holiday Marketing Trends for 2017 You Should Know

'Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping...

Online shopping and e-commerce on the rise - are you ready for the rush?

Holiday Shopping Trends for 2017

It's almost that wonderful time of the year - and hopefully, your business is ready for the holiday rush. According to the predictions from eMarketer, U.S. sales are expected to reach over $885.70 billion - a 5.7% increase from last year, making it the biggest jump since 2011. For e-commerce retailers, the year-over-year increase jumps to 13.9%, totaling $79.5 billion.

How can you better position your sales force to benefit from the booming online retail season? 

Be Everywhere. 

According to Elucid, 75% of young adults admit to visiting a store to see a product to purchase online later. Keep in mind that shoppers are more likely to buy with the retailers that give them the most seamless experience. That means that now is the perfect time to ramp up your PPC and social media presence and strategize your targeted ads. Create your social ads with the consumer in mind and have a different strategy for each platform based on the various demographics of your regular shoppers. 

Be Mobile.

With almost $80 billion of potential e-commerce revenue and an increasing number of consumers using smartphones and tablets to make purchases, as a business, you can no longer afford not to be optimized for these devices. If you aren't on a mobile-friendly platform, your social media presence will be absolutely critical to your online sales.

It's safe to say e-commerce is a key payer in holiday shopping during the holidays. Physical retail will still play a major role, so multi-channel retailers will want to leverage their marketing efforts between in-store and online to keep consumer loyalty this holiday season.