Reddit went down and it was too much for some to handle

It isn't clear why Reddit experienced a brief outage around 12:23 pm EST on Monday, but what we can tell you is people did not know what to do with themselves while it was happening.


Reddit Outage Map


It's already bad enough if you had to drag yourself back to work on a Monday morning for a minimally satisfying 9-5, but to get hit with such a blow when the need for distractions is high - that just doesn't even seem right. See some of our favorite tweets below in response to the crisis.

When Reddit going down has you contemplating if life is even worth living

When Net Neutrality is clearly at play

Reddit's down? Does that mean we have to have....... human interaction? *Cringes*

You mean we actually have WORK to do??

When Reddit is the only thing that makes us feel safe