What's New in Social Media Trends for 2018

What's New in Social Media Trends for 2018

While social media continues to be our go-to source for news, communication, and shopping, 2018 has brought about some changes in how we receive that content. See how these social media trends are shaping the future of how we interact online.

Stories have the Advantage over Newsfeeds

The quickest way to absorb content is by far the most desirable, especially among younger users. Stories, short compilations of images and video, have also been hailed as a “truer form” of social media, because the user is watching events unfold through the eyes of the content creator. Scrolling news feeds have proven to be too overwhelming in recent polls, particularly during times of political and economical hardship, causing the masses to shift their focus towards the more emotive visual content. Because of this migration, Facebook is striving to make the process quicker to create these Stories and allow its users to be more creative with them. However, even with more creative options, it might not be enough for Facebook to regain the users they have lost to Snapchat. Snapchat remains the leading platform for innovative visual content, and is expected to gain another 1 million plus users in the coming months.

Rising Platforms

Vero is one of the newest social media platforms to hit the app store and is quickly giving Facebook and Instagram a run for their money. Part of the appeal with Vero, is the chronological sorting of users’ news feeds, a feature that most of us have been missing since Facebook and Instagram made the switch to an engagement-based algorithm. Vero is similar to Instagram in the sense that the majority of posts tend to be images, but also includes the option to post music, movies and tv shows, books, or locations. The feed itself is visually appealing, and has an air of sophistication to it. It isn’t cluttered by ads, which is refreshing.


True Social

Vero claims to makes sharing online more like "real life."

Increased Presence of Small Businesses

One of the most exciting developments is the influx of small businesses across social media networks. Nearly 52% of small business owners are now reporting daily activity on their social media accounts. Engagement is key, and keeping your activity and web presence consistent helps to reinforce the relationships built within your community, and encourages the community’s involvement with your business. 

Stay tuned for our next blog, discussing content vs. engagement, and how a business owner can best balance the two.